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Exclucive for gulftech news ;How AI will Reshape Your Work and Life

( AI )

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has always been an area of interest. Many people have been anxious about the future and are concerned about when AI will take over and rule over the human race. However, although a dystopian future has always been connected to a future with AI in science fiction, the opportunities that this technology plays in bringing people together, highlighting new career opportunities and creating an environment of interest and mutual respect is simply exciting and awe inspiring.
Countries have already realized the potential of AI and are investing to ensure that this technology is being utilized to its fullest potential. In 2017, the Ministry of AI was setup in the United Arab Emirates where it started the “Think AI Initiative” to develop an “integrated system that employs artificial intelligence in vital areas in the UAE”. The objective was to achieve its vision to become one of the leading nations in AI by 2031 in alignment with the UAE Centennial 2071, creating new economic, educational, and social opportunities for citizens, governments and businesses and generating up to AED 335 billion in extra growth.
Saudi Arabia also plans to invest USD 20 billion in data and AI as part of the target outlined under the National Strategy for Data & AI. Furthermore, the recent agreement made between Jordan and Japan to assist the Kingdom in developing an AI ecosystem is a testament to the country’s continued commitment towards this emerging technology to improve public services in vital economic areas.
Enhancing Human Capital Whilst Reducing Inefficiencies
The potential economic impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the MENA region’s economic growth is significant. The region is estimated to accrue USD 320 billion by 2030 from value added by AI, according to a report by pwc.
By now there is a relatively clear understanding on how AI, automation and robotics will replace jobs where the work is repetitive and mundane. However, AI will give people the opportunity to enhance their own knowledge and capabilities through:
• Assisted Intelligence: helping people perform tasks faster and better
• Augmented Intelligence: helping people make better decisions
As humans and machines learn to collaborate with each other and more AI innovations are introduced, the transformational possibilities are infinite.
Time to Create and Monetize
The biggest opportunity that AI can provide the workforce of tomorrow is time.
When AI becomes more integrated into the tools we use and the workforce of tomorrow – that predominantly consists of digital natives – people will have time to explore their own creativity, seek alternative sources of income or pursue new career paths – becoming ‘Everyday Creators’.
AI powered platforms such as Bigo Live are constantly innovating to reduce the barriers content creators face – such as time and investment – to pursue their passion and monetize opportunities. For content creators, built-in support on these platforms enable people to develop meaningful connections with their target audience and the only requirement is to have a smartphone in hand.
According to Linktree, approximately 4.2 billion people are using social media and around 500 million ‘passion economy users’ are now actively engaging in activities to monetize their individuality and non-commoditized skills. In addition, the MENA region has one of the highest penetration rates as it relates to popular social media platforms across the world and the creator economy is booming as Arab creators continue to emerge, especially during the lockdowns.
On the livestreaming social media platform Bigo Live, struggling artist Karima who has the unique ability to paint with her feet has found support through livestreams. Furthermore, single mother Mai was able to captivate a supportive audience through her joy of cooking whilst enabling her to support her family through her joy and passion for cooking. They are both ‘everyday creators’ who leverage the AI powered platform to make a better life.
What makes this unique is that instead of focusing on gaining followers, chasing engagement or seeking corporate sponsorships (that could dilute a creator’s quality and authenticity), creators are free to create the content they want while still being able to generate income.
Enabling effortless creative communication
An area where AI will play a key role but not too many are exploring are community interaction and social engagement. Bigo Live is a prime example of how AI, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are integrated with cutting edge algorithms to accurately read more than 300 facial features and merge it with realistic and dynamic movements for their 3D avatars.
Broadcasters will now have the opportunity to creatively and seamlessly customize details that include facial features, body types, hair colors, outfits and much more. They will be able to interact with other broadcasters in a manner that represents their own personal interpretation of themselves. This will not only encourage more individual participation, but will also facilitate community engagement – which is continuing to gain momentum both regionally and locally.
Over the past year we saw a number of social media platforms such as Twitter and WhatsApp introduced community-like features into their service offering. Bigo Live also introduced a community feature where broadcasters can start up to three communities on the platform where users can communicate and interact around specific topics and interests.
“Bigo Live is committed to contribute to society in a positive and meaningful way and we believe that our recently introduced ‘Virtual Live’ and Community features will help achieve this vision,” said a spokesperson from Bigo Live. “After listening to our users and identifying what is important to them, we believe that it was important to leverage our capability in AI to provide them with the tools required to create immersive, engaging and creative content themselves. Furthermore, by establishing communities our Bigo Live broadcasters will not only help to build and nurture social connections but provide opportunities to develop meaningful connections that can help resolve issues – be it physical, mental or emotional.”
Conclusion – A Future of Inclusivity and Accessibility
Now with the powers of livestreaming, communities, and a – soon-to-arrive – connected reality, we can perhaps be connected to people who can give us the help, guidance and support we need to address the challenges we face at any given moment.
No matter where they are, livestreaming opens a realm of possibilities, and gives people the opportunity to connect with each other in a more personal and relevant manner. It is a gateway to build and nurture friendships and collaborations based on mutual interest, curiosity, and creativity.
When combined with AI, the time taken to connect a broadcaster who is facing a challenge to a relevant live streamer based on shared interests and passions decreases exponentially. This means the individual facing the challenge has less time to be anxious about their situation and before they can even think, they are prompted to connect with people who truly care and help avoiding any unforeseen circumstances.
A future of AI means you will never feel alone and if you do, you will automatically be prompted to connected with people that would be relevant to you. You will be able increase your social circle, create more meaningful relationships and create moments that truly matter.

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